Studio Sturzenegger GmbH is a graphic design studio specialised in the development of editorial concepts - on a content and visual basis - for publishing houses or inhouse magazines. We tailor to the needs of each client, no matter how large or small they are.

But it doesn’t need to stop there; in addition to editorial conception, the entire production and execution can be integrated. Drawing on a longstanding network of talent, comprising journalists, photographers, photo agencies, stylists and other specialists based in Zürich, Berlin, Paris, London and beyond, the right team can always be put together.

Guaranteed by over 20 years of experience in the luxury goods sector, the art direction, conception and realisation of fashion, beauty and still life photoshoots is yet a further speciality of Studio Sturzenegger GmbH.

Art direction for branding design solutions including logo design, advertising campaigns, lookbooks, image brochures and other visual content for print or online purposes such as webpages and newsletters are provided as well.

Illustration is another key branch of Studio Sturzenegger GmbH. Our motivation is always to tell a unique story in every single illustration. We offer a myriad of styles including 2-D, vector and cut out illustration.

Photo: Dan Cermak
Photo: Dan Cermak



Born in Pontresina, now based in Zürich, Switzerland, I began my career as a graphic designer working for the Swiss lifestyle magazines «Annabelle» and «Bolero».

In 1998 I became Art Director of the «Bolero» magazine and in 2013 member of the «Bolero» Editorial Board. During this time I was the head of the graphic and photo team, responsible for the overall graphic design and visual appeal - the branding - of the magazine. My role also included directing fashion, beauty and still life photoshoots, from the inception of the idea to its realisation.

Because of my love for fashion photography, I created with the collaboration of «Bolero» the Swiss Photo Award in the category Fashion Photography at the annual ewz.selection event aiming to establish greater awareness of Swiss fashion photography.

In addition, I initiated the «Selected by Bolero» platform, giving young Swiss photographers the chance to shoot a fashion editorial for the magazine and coaching them along the way.

After almost 20 years as Art Director, I decided to establish my own design studio, Studio Sturzenegger GmbH, in Novmeber 2015.

Since Ocotber 2019 I am responsible as well for the Art Direction of the «NZZ am Sonntag Magazin», the weekley supplement to the «NZZ am Sonntag» newspaper.